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Premium Sake

Mouriko (Daiginjo)
“Simply the Best Sake!” - from Yamaguchi Prefecture, brewed with Yamadanishiki Rice, it has an elegant cool aroma, light and delicate sweetness, and acidity with refreshing mint flavor.
Hakushika Junmai Daiginjo
From Hyogo Prefecture, gentle and great fragrance with delicate fruity sweetness that rolls down very smoothly. Great finish!
Kubota Senjyu (Tokubetsu Honjozo)
A well-balanced sake with a green-apple-like aroma and a delicate favor. This refreshing sake leaves a smooth, dry finish.
Yumeakari (Junmai Ginjo)
“Wine lover’s favorite!” - from Iwate Prefecture, well-balanced sweetness and acidity with a buttery smooth finish. A wonderful sake!
Sharp & refreshing with mild bitterness. Gently unfolds. Super dry.
Shoin (Junmai Ginjo)
“The Lover’s Sake” - from Yamaguchi Prefecture, vivid aroma of citrus fruit, simple, lively, refreshing dry taste.
Kaguyahime (Junmai)
“Bamboo Princess” - from Kyoto Prefecture, light and rounded aroma, smooth and soothing fragrant taste.
Oni No Shitaburi (Honjyozo)
From Tottori Prefecture, reminiscent of pine and bamboo leaves, refreshing mineral flavor with a simple and smooth dry taste.
Hakushika Nigori Sake “Snow Beauty”
It is smooth, bold, and has a full body taste with a sharp finish.
Hakushika Yamadanishiki (Junmai)
“Sake lover’s favorite” - Refreshing clean taste of premium sake rice “Yamadanishika”, gentle and elegant.
Hakushika Junmai Gingo
From Nada Prefecture, velvet, harmonious, extremely smooth and very rich flavor with a hint of exquisite Ginjo fragrance. “Gold Medal Winner,” at the Monde Selection; 1998.
Sho Chiku Bai Nigori
It is a coarsely-filtered and the sweetest of all sakes.
Hakushika Chokara (Junmai)
Extra-dry (less sweetness), light, smooth, and crisp to the taste.
Sake Sampler
Assorted variety of 3 premium sakes in a sampler size.
Oni Koroshi “Demon Slayer” Genbei San No
From Kyoto Prefecture, very famous traditional sake with a smooth and dry taste; very popular among the younger crowds.
Hakushika Nama-cho (Fresh and Light)
It is light, mild, and very smooth with a hint of sweetness at the finish.

Aperitif & Dessert Sake

Hakushika Premium Sake - Served Hot
Mature and full body traditional taste that rolls down very smoothly with very clean finishes.
Poochi Poochi
Sparkling sake, non-vintage. Slightly hazy, light and frothy on the surface. This happy-go-lucky sake has aromas of pear and brie.
Lightly sparkling with mild fruitiness. Similar to an Italian dessert wine.

Wines by the Glass

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Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Half Bottle (France)
Notes of white fruits, vanilla, and toast with sweet lime and melon aromas.

White Wine

Cakebread Cellars (Napa Valley, Ca)
Fresh flavors of Granny Smith apple, pear, and melon fruit accented by minerals, subtle yeast, and warm cake spice tones.
J Winery Pinot Gris (Russian River Valley, Ca)
Flavorful, spicy and fruity blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, peach and passion fruit.
‘02 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc (Sonoma, Ca)
Juicy flavors of bright mango and tropical fruits. Pairs well with variety of Sushi and Sashimi, Tofu Teriyaki.
‘06 Penalolen Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
The use of pure, ripe fruit gives this wine a powerfully rich and complex flavor free from oak or residual sugar. The aromas of mandarin orange and fresh cut flowers, combined with good acidity, makes this Sauvignon Blanc a class partner for food.
Rutherford Chardonnay (Napa Valley, Ca)
A truly balanced Chardonnay with fresh apple and citrus fruit flavors, great acidity and just a kiss of vanilla oak.
Firestone Riesling (Santa Barbara, Ca)
Pretty honeysuckle and sweet white peach aromas.
Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Light and refreshing with delicate pear flavors.

Red Wine

Renwood Sierra Series Zinfandel (California)
Red fruit characters with aromas of berry, cloves and cinnamon.
Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir (California)
Lighter bodied with bright red cherry aromas .
Lindeman Shiraz bin 50 (Australia)
Blackberry jam flavors with hints of cracked-black pepper
‘05 Hahn Estates Cabernet Sauvignon
Considerably broad and rich. The wine opens with cedar and raspberry fruit on the nose online casino. Rich and mouth filling with flavors of blueberry, cherry, mint, and chocolate.
Black Opal (Australia)
Easy drinking and supple wine rich in ripe berry flavors and hints of mint.
Blackstone Merlot (California)
Deep colored and bold with chocolatey black cherry flavors.

Plum Wine

Choya Ume-Plum Wine
Made from Japanese plums called “UME,” grown in Wakayama, Japan. It’s a balance of sweetness and exotic fragrance.
Choya Ume Blanc
Gentle sweetness with an elegant touch of acidity



Kirin Ichiban
Sapporo Draft
Kirin Lite
Asahi Dry
Black Obi Soba Ale




Bud Lite
Miller Lite

Obi Sushi’s Jizake, honored traditional Sake has been selected from the “Japan Sake Exporting Board.” The J.S.E.B. was established to maintain the tradition and the quality of exported sakes and the premiere sake breweries, which it’s been producing for more than 200 years with proud tradition, commitment, and devotion to brew only the finest quality sake. The principle ingredients of sake are rice, yeast, and spring water. The finest sake is made only from the central part of the rice; the husk and outer layers are discarded. The process used to achieve this is known as “polishing”. Characteristics of Premium Sake; rice is polished down 30-70%, brewed at a low temperature for a long period of time, using only regional spring water, produced with traditions for perfection. “The premium sake is best enjoyed chilled, as if it were fine champagne.”

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